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Do I need to upload ID or Bills to open account in Insta Forex via

No need Id or bills, but please prepare your scan id, because it needed any time such as for reset password.


How to register to Insta Forex via

1. Register Insta Forex new acct here

2. Don't Forget to type LDZ in the Affiliate Code on registrasion form.

3. Please contact us to confirm your account number.

4. We will make confirmation of your account number.

5. For Indonesian client can make local deposit

6. After you make a deposit, you can request welcome bonus in Promotion (Optional)

7. Now, you are ready for trade.

8. If you want become Pamm Investor or Pamm Trader, can read in PAMM


After registered in Insta Forex, I get PIN CODE and PHONE PASSWORD. What is it?

Pin Code is used for withdrawal from Insta Forex.

Phone Password is used for local withdrawal from the Intoducing Broker


I forget Pin Code, Phone Password, and Trader Password.

Pin Code can be reset in client cabinet

Phone password can be reset by sending your scan ID to [email protected]

Trader password can be reset by sending your scan ID to [email protected]


What is the difference between Standard Account and Eurica Account?

There is spread in Standar Acct.

There is no spread in Eurica Acct but there is commision as big as spread.


Can I change from Standard Acct to Eurica Acct and visa versa?

You can change it in client cabinet


Can I have more than 1 acct in Insta Forex?

Yes, you can have it with the same data, same name, and same email.


I have more than 1 acct in insta Forex. Can I make a tranfres between those account?

Yes you can. Login to client cabinet. Click Money Withdrawal and Transfer betwwen Accounts.

Funds will be process max 24 hours. Note: All data must be same to make Internal Tranfers.


How to change Leverage and Swap Fee?

Leverage and Swap Fee can be change in client cabinet


Is there maximum balance for leverage 1:1000?

Max balance for Leverage 1:1000 is $1000.

If balance is > $1000, leverage will be change to 1:600 automaticaly by the system.

Note : This is applied to all types of account.


My Leverage is 1:1000 but after I attach indicator, in the chart only display 1:500?

Maximum Levarage can be read in the chart is 1:500,

Lev 1:1000 will be shown 1:500.  Lev 1:600 will be shown 1:300.

You can see the correct Leverage in client cabinet.

You can test open 0.01 lot and see margin used and compare it using Instaforex calculator with Leverage 1:1000 setting.


Will my profit/loss is bigger with Leverage 1:1000 ?

Leverage have nothing to do with profit/loss per pips,

Leverage only effect margin used for open posisiton..

The higer Leverage, margin used for open position is smaller.


Can I use scalping strategy in Insta Forex?
3.14.6. Orders that have not more than 5 minutes left before being closed (or the time left before a lock order is executed) can be canceled by the Company.


Can I Trade on News in Insta Forex?

5.12. In case the price change that was caused by a difference between the last value of a forex instrument price and the first one at the point of market opening or was related to a news release affects the profit by more than 10% of the initial deposit, the Company reserves the right to make a correction to the result of such deals by a value proportionate to the difference between abovementioned prices by means of charging part of funds from the trading account with the following note: "Gap correction".


I don't received daily repot in my email, how to get it?

Send request to support[add] Don't forget you name and acct number.


I deposit using e-currency, but the funds don't automaticaly in to my trading account.

You can fill deposit notification in  and will be process max 24 hours.


I can't request Welcome Bonus 45%. Why?

To request welcome bonus 45%, your account must be Verified Level 1 : Upload ID Goverment ID / Driving Lisence / Passport in client cabinet


In verification process, My Id alwasy get rejected. Why?

There are 2 possibility :
1. Your data in Insta Forex account is different with data in your ID.
2. Your Scan ID is not clear.


Why my welcome bonus is canceled??

According in agreement 30% Bonus, Insta Forex the right to cancel the welcome bonus without prior warning, so we strongly recommend refraining from use of bonus funds in developing your trading strategy. The company is not responsible for any consequences of bonus cancellation, including stop out.


There is error in my order position. How to complain?

Please send email to dealer[add] and cc to admin[add]
- Full Name and Acccount Number
- Date and time

- Tiiket number of the order

- Details of the problem (leaving out emotion)

- Claim will be proces max 10 working days.


How to calculate margin in Insta Forex?

You can calculate using  Insta Forex Calculator


Why I can't login to MT4. It said "Invalid Account?

You can try to login to client cabinet.

If you can't login to client cabinet, there is incorrect in your Account Number or Password.

If you can login to client cabinet, there is incorrect in trading server while login to MT4.

When login to MT4, please choose your trading server as emailed by InstaForex after creating Insta Forex trading account.

You also can choose your trading server based on your trading account as listed in IP Server


E-currency Rates (WD/Depo)






Risk Warning
Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors.
Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance.
You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.