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Best Broker in Asia 2012 by the 10th China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo

InstaForex was awarded the title of the Best Broker in Asia 2012 at the 10th China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo, held March 5-7, 2013. Having high quality of customer support, innovative technologies, and up-to-date services, InstaForex has many times been recognized as the top-notch Forex market participant.


The International Investment and Finance Expo took place at one of the world’s largest exhibitions and was one of the most anticipated business events of the year. Tens of investment companies from all over the globe and 50,000 visitors were involved in the event.


InstaForex was awarded the Best Broker in Asia 2012 title and it is the remarkable event. It proves that the company’s policy is rightly aimed at cooperation with clients and partners.



Best Forex Broker in Asia 2012 by ShowFx Asia

ShowFx Asia recognized InstaForex as the Best Forex Broker in Asia at the exhibition in Singapore in February, 2012. It is not the first time when the company gets the title of the Best Broker in Asia.


In the course of time InstaForex strengthens its leadership positions among numerous opponents, constantly improving and keeping abreast of events. Those traders who work with InstaForex appreciated the wide range of services provided by the company. ShowFx Asia, the largest organizer of financial events worldwide, has already awarded InstaForex the "golden plate" before which evidences once again of the company's reliability and professionalism of its employees. InstaForex was chosen as the winner of 2012 by independent experts and exposition organizers as well as traders who voted for the company on the website. We are moving towards the top of success together with our clients constantly developing on Forex market.


Reference: ShowFx Asia exhibition brand is a series of large-scale events in Asia, devoted to financial markets: from Forex to stock markets regardless of their location. ShowFx Asia organizes expositions, seminars, and other meetings of all kinds on the territory of the Asian region: from Cyprus to Malaysia, from Dubai to Singapore. Besides, ShowFx Asia is a large project of Forex knowledge promotion which is focused on professional development of the traders' skills and other users of financial instruments by organizing seminars, educational courses and workshop all over the world. ShowFx Asia's mission is in the services promotion and presentation of financial markets' potential. Every event organized by ShowFx Asia attracts a great number of participants, partners, and guests for whom collaboration with the exposition brand is a unique opportunity to integrate into financial sphere. The status of ShowFx Asia brand as well as its partners, among which the leader of software developments for financial markets MetaQuotes Software can be found, is the guarantee of high level of organization and constructive solutions. ShowFx Asia is a branch of ShowFx World in Asian region.



Best Retail Forex Broker 2012 by IAIR Awards

The beginning of 2013 was marked for InstaForex with the receiving of another international award in the sphere of Forex trading. IAIR Awards, arranged by Italian authoritative business edition, awarded InstaForex the title of The Best Retail Forex Broker for the year 2012.


The award received in Hong Kong is of great importance for the company. Above all, it is the first company's award in 2013. Secondly, InstaForex was highly commended by the independent and competent jury for top-notch services rendered.


InstaForex thanks everyone who supported the company, IAIR Awards organizers, and, of course, our numerous customers whose loyalty played the key role in receiving of this and many other awards starting from 2007. InstaForex, in its turn, will apply its best efforts to meet all modern market requirements and continue evolving in response to customers' needs. Undoubtedly, many awards and prizes are yet to come in 2013.


Reference: IAIR Awards was established by Italian business magazine IAIR. This is the third annual ceremony which gathered nominees and guests of the award. IAIR magazine (International Alternative Investment Review), according to competent experts, is one of the most actively developing periodicals on the European financial market, leaving Euromoney, Institutional Investor, Reuters Hedgeworld and others behind.



Best Broker in the Eastern Europe 2012 by ShowFx World

In autumn 2012 the exhibition brand ShowFx World acknowledged InstaForex to be the best broker in the Eastern Europe in reliance on the results of the exhibition held in Kiev.


A lot of Forex brokers and other financial markets` participants took part in the event, however, in spite of high rivalry, InstaForex received high appreciation of the visitors and jury.


For InstaForex, a recognition of the company as the best broker in the Eastern Europe has become the reflexion of all work done in the region in 2012. In fact, in 2012 InstaForex was actively increasing its presence on the market of the Eastern Europe attracting local partners, opening introducing offices, widening multilinguality of services. Nevertheless, traditionally InstaForex broker does not intend to stop at the achieved level, and is intended to receive this award on a regular basis; the same as it already is in the Asian region with the title "The Best Broker in Asia", where InstaForex has been leading for 4 years in a row.


Reference: Exhibition brand ShowFx World is a series of large-scale arrangements in Asia devoted to financial markets` functioning, from currency exchange market Forex to stock markets regardless their location. ShowFx World organizes expositions, seminars, conferences and other meetings of all possible formats all around the world: from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur, from Dubai to Kiev. Moreover, ShowFx World is a big project of Forex knowledge promotion which is targeted on development of professional level of traders and other users of financial instruments by holding series of seminars, educational courses and master classes all over the world. ShowFx World mission consists in promotion of services and presentation of all financial markets` opportunities. Every event arranged by ShowFx World attracts huge number of participants, partners and guests who use great chance to integrate in financial community due to partnership with the exposition project.



Best Broker CIS 2012 by ShowFx World

On November 2012 InstaForex was awarded a prestigious award The Best Broker CIS. The ceremony was arranged by the international exhibition brand ShowFx World. Due to wide range of high-quality services, InstaForex has been awarded the title of best broker in the CIS countries, Asian countries, and the whole world for several times.


InstaForex got high recognition among independent experts of the prize committee as well as company was said to be the best according to online voting, which took place on, the website of ShowFx World exhibition brand. We would like to thank the organizing committee and those who voted for us.


Supplementary information: ShowFx World is a brand engaged in the organization of events, which are devoted to all aspects of financial markets; from Forex to stock markets, irrespective of its placement. ShowFx World organizes exhibitions, seminars, and different kinds of events all over the world: from Moscow to Malaysia, from Berlin to Singapore. Besides, ShowFX is a project promoting easy access to knowledge about Forex and aimed at training of professional skills of traders and other participants of the Forex market. It is realized in the frameworks of workshops, educational courses, and master classes held throughout the world. Objective of ShowFx World is promoting services and opportunities of all the possibilities available on the financial markets. Every event arranged by ShowFx World attracts a lot of participants, partners, and guests. Cooperating with ShowFx, everyone can take an excellent opportunity to get along with Forex. ShowFx World brand has a high status as well as its partners, one of them is MetaQuotes Software, a leader in software development for financial markets, and it can be regarded as a guarantee of high quality and fruitful cooperation.



Global Banking & Finance Review - Best Forex Broker Asia 2012

In March 2012 information and analytical portal Global Banking & Finance Review titled InstaForex Company the Best Forex Broker in Asia. The independent jury consisting of prominent financial experts came to a conclusion that there is no one to surpass InstaForex in this field.


It is not by mere chance that InstaForex is considered to be the best broker in Asia: its success in this region results from numerous representative offices, beneficial offers and a wide range of conventional and exclusive services delivered.


InstaForex broker gained trust of over 500 000 traders worldwide. Offering its customers new opportunities and non-standard marketing tools, InstaForex team ensures the highest level of services. This well-deserved award is a tangible assessment of the company's diligence.


Reference: Global Banking & Finance Review is a large-scale online portal established to meet increasing demand for a well-balanced view on banking and broader financial news. Global Banking & Finance Review publications contain reliable comprehensive information which is represented in a brief and easy-to-understand form. This is a rich source of materials concerning Forex, asset and corporate management, project financing, merge and takeover, tax accounting and much more. The portal content is formed by central banks and independent organizations. The portal audience comprises top managers of companies listed in Fortune 500, heads of major banks and other financial institutions in 170 countries of the world.



IAIR Awards — Best Broker in Asia 2012

Just like the beginning of the year 2011, its end was marked by another InstaForex Company triumph: IAIR Awards established by a famous Italian business magazine IAIR. IAIR Awards comprise 30 nominations; the most successful companies by the result of each year are awarded annually. Quite expectedly, at the IAR Awards ceremony InstaForex international broker was titled the Best Broker in Asia. This is the fifth international award presented to the broker and additional proof of its leading position in the Asian region.


The award ceremony was attended by a great number of visitors, including nominees, future holders of the award and numerous representatives of all the financial market spheres. InstaForex Company team has no doubts that the IAIR Best Broker in Asia award was given to it on a reasonable basis and hopes that InstaForex will be recognized as the best broker by the results of 2012 as well.


Reference: IAIR Awards were established by an Italian business magazine IAIR (International Alternative Investment Review). The official ceremony and awarding itself took place in Visconti Palace, Milan, on November 11. This is the second year the IARI awards have been presented. Many nominees and visitors attend the IARI awarding ceremonies. International Alternative Investment Review is one of the most dynamically developing financial magazine in Europe leaving behind Euromoney, Institutional Investor, Reuters Hedgeworld and some other magazines in terms of the number of readers.

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